The Prey – The Official Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide

The Prey – The Official Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide

The Quest, The Prey, is the seventh Main Quest in Kingdom Come:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough Part 5 – Guard Duty

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough (Part 5 Gameplay)
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Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 – The Prey

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What’s Up Everyone and Welcome To My Part 7 of my Series of Kingdom Come Deliverance !

On the last episode nightingale had Henry ring the bell 3 times and checking that every store was closed, When he got to one of the taverns Sir Capon was drinking with some lads, Henry tells Sir Capon that the tavern is closed Sir Capon refuses to listen to Henry and so they get into a fist fight, out of nowhere Sir Hanush shows up and stops the fight yelling and screaming both to Henry and Sir Capon. Compete against players around the world in the exciting game of paper io.

Sir Hanush furious tells Henry what is his problem raising his hand to a nobleman and then tells Sir Hans Capon “and you, Hans, How many times have i told you that drinking with your subjects might be good for their morale, but it’s bad for your honour” and that tomorrow he will go with Sir Hanush to a hearing about some landowners and settling a dispute and that it will be an excellent lesson for him.

Sir Capon tells Sir Hanush he had plans to go hunting but if he thinks listening to the pointless gripes of a bunch of old fools will benefit then so be it, Sir Hanush tells Sir Capon if he wants to go hunting it’s fine but that he needs to go with Henry Sir capon is really upset and has no choice to obey orders.

So the next morning Henry and Sir Capon go Hunting up north once there they sleep through the night to go hunting early in the morning, Sir Capon challenges Henry 22:20 one more time but this time who ever brings back more hares wins, so they go hunting their separate ways and at noon they need to go back to the camp, So Henry brings back with most hares and wins the challenge.

Then they go for boar hunting Sir Capon shoots an arrow to a boar, the boar gets knocked down and Sir Capon thinking its dead it gets up and runs away. Sir Capon gets on his horse and chases after the boar and Henry stays behind because he has no horse, Now Henry needs to look for Sir Capon, once Henry gets close to a camp 33:15 he notices Sir Capon tied up and that has been captured by 2 Cumans.

So now Henry needs to save Sir Capon and fights off the 2 Cumans, the cumans manage to get away henry tries to chase them down but he returns to untie Sir Capon, Hans Capon is very happy with Henry and from there on a New Friendship Rises.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Complete Thief Tutorial

TIMESTAMPS to help you navigate to your subject of interest:
0:00 – Background info
0:37 – “The Good Thief” Quest
1:39 – Stealth
3:40 – Lockpicking
7:27 – Fences and Trading
9:06 – Pickpocketing
12:20 – Mount and Blade
13:24 – Consequences
14:42 – Escaping Justice
15:09 – Punishment
16:14 – Story Time
16:58 – Hot Loot
17:47 – Ace up your sleeve
18:47 – Final Thoughts

Check out the Hardcore Mode introduction here:
Combat Tutorial:

The first attempt at “Thief Masterclass” was incomplete. Since I started a new tutorial series, I decided to remake the old one and fit it as the second episode of said series.
The third episode will be a combat tutorial, which I’ve promised since I released my first video on KCD. It is already written, now there’s no telling how long the editing on it is going to take. What I do know is that I’m going to take a weekend break from this type of videos. Maybe it’s a good time to start a Playthrough, or perhaps make the “Annex videos” I have planned, to go along with the tutorials.
If you know someone who complains this game is too hard, point him here.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Needle in a Haystack Quest Guide (Good Ending)

This is how you complete A Needle in a Haystack Quest without killing Pious. You can let him go at the end or turn him in to the Bailiff and do it the way Radzig wanted.

If you would like a faster and easier way to do this quest then watch this video:

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