Project CARS Review

Project CARS Review

Deep and demanding, Project CARS looks good and feels even better.

Project CARS : Review (PC)

Some more stuff is in this description so you might want to check it. Wonder why I don’t mention MP or Audio? Explanation below.

Graphics setting comparisons :

Jack Spade FFB Tweaks :

Why not mention MP? It’s a lobby system, no dedicated servers. So naturally… results are gonna vary.

Audio runs a wide range from poor to solid. In particular, I feel like a lot of sounds are just poorly mixed – super mega loud (and terrible sounding) bottoming out, blow off valves that are louder than a P1 engine… Lots of distortion. That one last point is why I didn’t mention it – some people really like that, some don’t. I don’t, but whatever.

AMD performance from what I’ve heard is abysmal. I’m on “Team Green” right now so I can’t comment directly, but it’s worth checking into if you are using an AMD GPU.

I’ve also heard that controllers are really, really, really finnicky and often poorly utilized – need tweaking to get it right. Again, can’t comment on that directly.

AI performance is laughable, it’s bad enough that it really is no better than Assetto Corsa. AC AI doesn’t try and pass enough, PCARS AI will kill you. I’d rather not have my exhaust pipes violated – it is that incredibly frustrating.

In particular, the first lap behavior is lulzy. I can reliably pass 6 cars on standing starts on max difficulty. This doesn’t even include the inevitable AI crashing into one another or missing the apex entirely. (Protip : ALWAYS get to the inside of T1 in advance, it’s easy pickings and much safer than the outside as the AI ALWAYS understeers in T1)

Also : you can jump starts by a good bit without punishment. It makes qualifying mostly useless and is a pretty hilarious thing for a racing game to have bugged. But that will surely be patched.

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Project CARS – 2 Years Later

To me Project CARS was one of those throwaway AAA games. Fun for the first couple of hours but then the little issues you ignored at first started to become more and more frustrating.

As always I’d love to hear how you guys feel about P Cars on it’s second birthday.

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Project CARS PS4 Review

Check out the review of Project CARS courtesy of PlayStation Universe ( The review covers the PS4 version. Is this racing sim worth the wait?

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Project CARS Review

The final verdict on Slightly Mad’s deep, demanding, and extremely ambitious racing sim.